My karaoke conspiracy theory

For some reason the lic board has told karaoke stores like select to stop selling to their customers in the USA three days after certain suspended members of a karaoke site started bragging that we don’t need them anymore we found a new way of singing on the internet and this is what I am thinking either somebody who works for the site or the head honcho himself got the lic board To have these sites stop selling to USA citizens because the staff of this site has told some suspended members to find a new hobby and give up singing all together at least that’s what I was told by somebody on Facebook that I couldn’t sing only chance I had of any body listening to me was on that site then I started getting popular in the awesome site called Fandalism and I have been using the songs I bought from and two but to four days later they are not allowed to sell To USA citizens anymore I and others like me who had been suspended had beaten them at their own game and I from personal experience know some of them did not like me still singing especially on YouTube until the admins stepped in I was getting hate mail and verbal abuse on my videos now all of a sudden karaoke stores in the UK are not allowed to sell to citizens in united states something funny going on here folks that’s all I got To say


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