hey guys did another song today working on more right now but go and check out the links I put up , me singing another fabulous song of Olivia Newton-John’s and also my page 

awesome stuff man awesome people on there as well .

oh and for the person that told me singsnap can put videos on there too then they are sneaking the onto it i got told they aren’t allowed to put anything of singsnap on fandalism .

but what else is new huh singsnap says they don’t allow any of their videos on  youtube or they will be taken off but if you go and look up singsnap on youtube , well you’ll get my meaning .

some people all they do is talk but when your a favorite of the gods of singsnap you get away with practically MURDER

but hey check out my songs ok 😉

i proved a long time ago to singsnap I DON’T NEED THEM



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