my name is Matty aka LadyMatika and I was suspended also why don’t know actually never got the real reason why and now i really do not care any more .
for a few weeks there I did care was upset big time over being suspended and you know what I learned one singsnap never really cares about their members only the ones who truly matter the ones with money and that kiss the staff’s ass that’s why me and Diane was suspended because we refused to kiss the staff’s and owners ass to get a head on singsnap I mean it’s just a stupid ass karaoke site it will not lead you to x-factor you got to do that yourself trevor can’t do that for you , and apprently he can’t get his ass kissing favorite members on fandalism.com either .
I got told as long as people who join up are on singsnap they will not be a member of fandalism ,
looks like Trevor isn’t God of the karaoke world after all he cannot get his favorite ass kissing members on a site that says it’s for professional artists .
and you know what I find funny , singsnap members cannot get on and singsnap members are the ones who wrote to me on facebook saying that I am not that good at singing and should find a new hobby because I suck at singing .
but yet I the one and only LADYMATIKA am a member of fandalism.com
a site for professional artists and singers ,
so that means I am on the BEST SITE IN THE WORLD
and singsnap is second rate .



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