i thought for a while there i wasn’t gonna be able to put any more 

of my singing on but then something wonderful happened my favorite guy who is my best friend went and paid the money to upgrade my site so I can continue to keep singing and putting my music that I sing and make into mp3’s on to so I can add my mp3’s on to so my friends on there can listen to me and comment .

What a great guy I have never a dull moment when he is around 🙂 

that’s another thing singsnap don’t have and I do somebody that watches your back and is there when you need them to be at every turn of the day .

yeah I know I bitch and complain about singsnap too much it’s cause they suck so damn bad don’t want anybody else to get fucked over by them the way I got done , see I made the mistake of thinking singsnap was a home away from home but all they wanted was my money and when they found out I was leaving and taking my money with me they couldn’t  hack that so they thought they would suspended me first to try and make me look bad and damn sure make them look good .

and also they thought I would go and hid into a corner and cry my eyes out cause they suspended me thinking they got one over on me but the only thing they did was strengthen me to do stuff that my friend taught me to do , and now I go the confidence to sing any where and anything I want and I do not need singsnap no more but they need my money cause they just raised their prices for gold membership because they are being sued by other suspended members they fucked over too .

Also I got something else singsnap will never have devoted friends and family that loves it when I sing .


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